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We’re here to help grow your
financial literacy and business knowhow
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Why do this?

The school curriculum doesn’t teach the fundamentals
of business and financial literacy.

Yet ‘numbers knowhow’ is such a crucial life skill!
It sets people up for more success and less frustration
in life and in business.

Do this online program to grow financial knowhow
and be well prepared for ‘life’.

What you’ll learn

Learn how accounts are prepared, how to read numbers
and understand financial statements.

Understand how a business works, strategies for growth,
exit strategies and more!

The modules are designed to be progressive.
Do them at your own pace, in your own space.

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About Steve

Hi, I’m Steve, the
Beanie behind
BeansTalk KnowHow.

Beanstalk Knowhow is a culmination of my decades of working as a Chartered Accountant in big (an international conglomerate with over 200,000 employees) and small businesses and as a business owner.

My experience of people in all these business settings has shown that school’s don’t seem to teach the basics of financial understanding. Yet success in business starts with a basic understanding of numbers.

As well as an experienced Accountant, I’m also a father and home school teacher too. This is how I’ve managed to become great at teaching the fundamentals of accounting in a practical, fun way. A passion which I bring to Beanstalk.

I’m motivated by helping people at all levels and of all ages, understand the principals of accounting, finance and business literacy and grow life success as a result.


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